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We have some extremely exciting news about something that we have been working on.

You may have noticed that The Development Tracker has been a little quiet lately. Well, we have a good reason for that as weโ€™ve been busy finalizing the details for something we have been eager to share with you all.

The Development Tracker is excited to announce that we have entered a new digital partnership with Authentic Form & Function.

Authentic Form & Function (AFF) is a Minneapolis-based integrated branding, design, and technology firm that works on projects across the real estate and civic space. AFF brings forth a broad capability set that stretches from brand design and user experience, to software engineering, app development and digital marketing.

There are a number of exciting things that the AFF Team already has under their belt including their โ€œTransforming Citiesโ€ podcast series and a shorter โ€œCity Sessionsโ€ series, both of which capture the stories and sentiments of leaders across the Commercial Real Estate and urban landscapes.

The partnership between AFF and TDT will truly allow us to bring cities and real estate projects into the digital era through new services and tools that will elevate and increase the knowledge of projects and ultimately build better cities in the end. The partnership will also result in the creation of an immersive, new digital experience that will create new ways for individuals to understand and interact with the real estate and civic development happening within a city.

So, what does this mean youโ€™ll see in the coming months? Just you wait.

An entirely new website experience will debut later this year that will include not only more content, but a truly immersive experience to track development through. And then thereโ€™s the development mapโ€ฆAFF will be creating a brand new, custom development map for TDT that will make navigating the development scenes within Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Duluth an exciting, captivating and informing experience.

Through our partnership with Authentic Form & Function, The Development Tracker will be able to provide a one-of-a-kind digital experience that will be a destination for development news and happenings. Our new digital experience will allow us to interact with citizens, businesses, developments, and the communities we serve like never before.

We look forward to the long-term partnership with Authentic Form & Function and truly could not be more excited for you all to see what they have been working on.

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