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About Us

The Development Tracker

The Development Tracker

Introducing The Development Tracker, a dynamic platform aimed to revolutionize how stakeholders engage with and leverage the ever-evolving landscape of real estate development.

TDT seeks to reshape the real estate development landscape through its comprehensive solutions, transforming stakeholder engagement and propelling project success with impactful connections and data-driven insights.

More than a repository of actionable real estate development information, we serve as the heartbeat of thriving regions, empowering communities and the real estate industry to unite. TDT’s mission is to create collaboration and foster dynamic connections which harmonize the aspirations of communities with the strategic goals of the real estate sector, creating resilient and thriving environments of the future.

The Development Tracker is not merely a platform but a catalyst for change, progress, and inclusivity, driving growth, fostering relationships, and propelling the industry towards sustainable success.

Authentic Form and Function

Authentic Form and Function

Authentic F&F is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing studio specializing in real estate and urban development. We offer a mix of brand, marketing, and digital services that support a project form pre-capitalization through leasing and stabilization.

Authentic serves as TDT's digital partner, leading the design, development, and launch of this website.

Together, Authentic and TDT have a vision to improve the urban development process, with digital tools and platforms that connect projects to their communities.

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