About Us

We're Development Watchers.

What do we do? It's pretty simple. We track development within your community so that you can be aware of how your community is growing and changing.

We track everything from the residential complex being built down the block to the 40-story building that will soon tower over Downtown. We also track businesses, from local retailers and restaurants to national chains.

We're here to give you a total comprehensive view on everything development related within your community. Weโ€™re here to make it easier than ever to track development.

Watch your community grow with us.

The Development Tracker

The Development Tracker

Founded in 2012, The Development Tracker was created in response to the question of "What's being built there?"

TDT is a resource that the community can use to answer that question. TDT tracks all types and sizes of real estate developments so that every individual, whether they are a business woman, a developer or an everyday citizen, can know and understand how their community is developing and ultimately growing.

Authentic Form and Function

Authentic Form and Function

Authentic F&F is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing studio specializing in real estate and urban development. We offer a mix of brand, marketing, and digital services that support a project form pre-capitalization through leasing and stabilization.

Authentic serves as TDT's digital partner, leading the design, development, and launch of this website.

Together, Authentic and TDT have a vision to improve the urban development process, with digital tools and platforms that connect projects to their communities.

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