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Hi, St. Paul. We’re The Development Tracker!

Could there be any better way to start off a new year other than tracking development in a new city? We think not. That’s why we’re so excited to launch The Development Tracker | St. Paul today!

We’ve received a number of requests over the years to expand our reporting area to include other cities. Right now we’ve been reporting on Duluth and Minneapolis but something just didn’t seem right leaving one of the “Twin Cities” out of the mix. Cue the entrance of St. Paul to our Development Tracker Family.


St. Paul is growing.

The city’s population just passed the 300,000 mark which is huge news considering the last time that the population was over that mark was in the 1970’s. Over the past year construction work has been occurring on numerous residential, retail, and office projects throughout the city. Construction is also almost finish on Allianz Field, a brand new soccer stadium that has been under construction for the last few years in the Midway neighborhood.

Another major development scene that stands out to us is the revitalization of Downtown St. Paul. Over the course of 2018 we saw numerous proposals flood in for the area. A number of new hotels are expected to open in the coming years, hundreds of apartments are being constructed (whether that be in new construction or retrofits of this beautiful historic buildings that St. Paul is known for) and the construction of office space is beginning to grow with each passing year.

Bottom line, it’s an exciting time for development in St. Paul and we’re so excited to track it.


We wanted to give you a little “lay of the land” when it comes to navigating our new website. We’ve included many of the same features you can find on The Development Tracker’s other websites within this website also.

  • “Breaking News” is where you’ll find all of our development news. Our posts feature images, maps and detailed information on new planned/proposed projects, projects currently under construction and projects that have recently been completed. In this part of our website we also report on the latest retail and restaurant news.

  • “Openings” is where you’ll find our calendar with, you guessed it, all of the upcoming openings that are happening within St. Paul. We’re constantly updating our calendar which means if you’re looking for a new restaurant to try out in the future or a new shop to swing by and drop some dollars at, check it out.

  • “Development Map” is probably one of our favorite areas of our website. It’s a map that shows all of the development projects occurring within St. Paul. We include on the map projects that are planned, under construction and those that have been completed since we began tracking. All the projects are also all color-coded so it’s easy to navigate the map with a quick glance. We also have a number of icons on the map that show “name specific” developments (i.e. a Hilton Garden Inn that might be opening in your neighborhood).

    • There is one thing that we would like to point out when it comes to the Development Map. It’s, well, like a child. It grows up over time. While there might be a small amount of projects on the map at the moment we’re always adding to it. We’ve got a number of projects to still add and we will continue adding projects over time (suggestions/tips are gladly welcomed). If you want to see what a mature map looks like take a look at our Development Map for The Development Tracker | Minneapolis.


While we post a ton of our content on our website, we are also extremely active on social media. That means if you’re a lover of Instagram or Facebook, we’ve got you covered. Check out our accounts by clicking the icons on the upper right corner of the screen.


Comment away. We’ve included the ability to comment on our posts and you can always do the same on Instagram and Facebook. We think it’s a great way to have a conversation with the community and to hear what others are thinking or might be concerned about. Don’t be afraid to comment away, just remember to keep it classy.


Our final thing that we would like to tell you is that we like to talk… but we also like to hear what you have to say. We love to hear from the community whether that be a development tip, feedback on our website/reporting or maybe just a simple message to say “Hello!” If you’d like to send us a message, don’t be afraid to. You can do so by visiting our “Contact Us” section of our website or by clicking the link here.

So with all of this being said we would just like to say once again how excited we are to be in St. Paul. We can’t wait to explore all the exciting development within this great city.

-The Writers

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