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Unique mixed use project planned for Midtown

Midtown might just get a little taste of New York City if two out of state architects have their way. "Midtown Crossing" is a new residential and office project that is planned for 2389 11th Avenue South on a site that is currently owned by one of the architects.

The project itself would include two levels of underground parking for a total of 55 spaces with one of those levels including office space also. The ground floor would be devoted to townhouse styled units that are essentially set up with their own entry from the street to encourage a "live/work" environment and the second level being devoted to bedroom space. The second through fifth floors would include residential units of varying sizes allowing for multiple family types to call Midtown Crossing home. The entire project itself would include 55 residential units.

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The reason the project is taking quite a bit of the spotlight when it comes to development news lately is due to the fact that it is drastically different from any other residential project being constructed in the Twin Cities to date. The exterior of the project is designed in an industrial style featuring large amounts of glass and metal accents. Each floor plate is designed so that it is offset from the floor below which allows for varying floor plans inside, larger balcony space, and also it allows for more sunlight to enter the surrounding neighborhood.

The project is a model for sustainable design and features many energy efficient elements such as solar paneling on the roof along with garden plots for residents, metal facade screens that can black sunlight during the day from entering residential units, and window glazings to protect thermal temperatures inside. The goal is to make the project as energy efficient as possible, ultimately producing zero emissions would be ideal.

The project has quite a few hurdles to cross when it comes to the city planning processes. Part of the site is currently owned by one of the architect's fathers however in order for the entire project to be built additional sites would need to be acquired. On Thursday the developers and architects will meet with city officials to see if the project will be able to acquire additional sites. Depending on city feedback plans could change in the future.

We'll have a PROJECT PAGE debuting tomorrow for this project.

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