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The Development Tracker

The Development Tracker

The Development Tracker stands to serve as a comprehensive and indispensable platform within the real estate development landscape, revolutionizing the way stakeholders and citizens engage with and perceive real estate development. Our pioneering approach redefines the conventional scope by providing a multifaceted suite of services curated to make powerful connections that have never been exhibited before and to drive success within virtually every facet of the real estate development realm.

At the core of TDT's mission, lies the unwavering commitment to not only empower all entities within the real estate development industry, but to empower the communities in which they serve. We foster reciprocal relationships by offering invaluable resources, establishing meaningful connections, and providing insightful real estate data that drives informed decisions which correlate to successful outcomes.

TDT's platform serves as a catalyst, propelling economic development through precise and dynamic data. By curating extensive datasets and immersive storytelling, we empower regions to attract new development and business to their communities like never before, igniting successful economic development across the region. We also offer the real estate development industry with the necessary tools to forecast trends, identify lucrative opportunities, and facilitate strategic investments.

Our commitment to community engagement is central to our approach. Engaging and informing the community through a transparent and easily accessible resource is essential for success. We act as the bridge between the real estate industry and local communities, ensuring that projects are visible and align with the needs and aspirations of residents. This alignment not only facilitates projects for approval but also nurtures harmonious relationships and fosters inclusivity with the community itself. By ensuring that real estate development initiatives are transparent and resonate positively within the community, we pave the way for a project's success.

The Development Tracker is not merely a platform; it's a catalyst for change, progress, and inclusivity. Our comprehensive suite of services drives growth, nurtures relationships, and serves as the cornerstone for an ecosystem where every participant thrives, propelling the real estate development world towards sustainable and collective success.

Authentic Form and Function

Authentic Form and Function

Authentic F&F is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing studio specializing in real estate and urban development. We offer a mix of brand, marketing, and digital services that support a project form pre-capitalization through leasing and stabilization.

Authentic serves as TDT's digital partner, leading the design, development, and launch of this website.

Together, Authentic and TDT have a vision to improve the urban development process, with digital tools and platforms that connect projects to their communities.

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