North Loop, we know you love your taprooms, so are you ready for another?

ONE Fermentary and Taproom is expected to open by the end of the year at 618 N 5th Street. The new business will be located just steps from Target Field and in the same building as Number 12 Cider.

Before you begin to think, “great, another taproom,” let us tell you why this ONE will be different from the other five breweries in the neighborhood.

ONE will be all about the experience and it actually won’t function primarily as a brew house like other breweries but rather as an experimental brewpub. Joseph Alton, Ramsey Louder and a few investors are the individuals behind the creation of ONE. Alton was the former editor-in-chief of The Growler Magazine and Louder previously was a brewer at Dangerous Man Brewing Company and more recently was a cellar-man at New Holland Brewing.

Alton is the one who had the original vision for ONE when he dreamt of opening an “experimental fermentary.” He envisioned a brewery that wouldn’t have its own brew house but rather would purchase unfermented wort from partner breweries. Then, the brewery would ferment the wort on-site and show people how the different types of vessels wort is brewed in changes the flavor of a beer. Pretty neat, huh?

Two investors approached Alton about his idea and the mission to find a brewer began. That is when Louder came onto the team and shortly after he was able to convince the team to add a small ten-barrel brewing system on site so that ONE could also craft their own beverages. With the change to having a production space on site ONE now has applied for a brewpub license, which will allow them to serve their own beverages and also wines, ciders and spirits from guest breweries.

Wilkus Architects and local Designer Melanie Stovall are designing the space that ONE will call home. When complete there will be seating for 119 indoors and another 60 on an outdoor patio. Special attention has been given to the design of the project so the space feels inclusive of people in the past have felt alienated by craft beer.