Welcome to the next chapter in tracking development.

We couldn’t be more excited to not only launch our new website today, but to also officially bring back our development map. It has been nearly a year in the making and without an important partnership, none of this would have been possible.

With that being said, can we get a round of applause for Authentic Form & Function? They’re truly the reason behind how all of this came to be.

Just over a year ago, Authentic approached us with a unique opportunity to custom build not only our website, but also our development map. The Minneapolis-based digital marketing studio specializes in the real estate and urban development scene which naturally felt like a perfect partner fit for us.

We partnered with Authentic, allowing them to truly transform and streamline our website, and ultimately, our way of tracking development. Together our two companies have the common vision of improving the urban development process through digital tools and platforms that connect projects to their communities and the individuals that reside within them.

To say an immense amount of work has gone into getting us to the point where we are today would be an understatement. Thousands of hours have been spent rebuilding the website, combing through mass amounts of data and ultimately ensuring that we truly were creating the best website experience for you all.

We’ve been tracking development for nearly 10 years now and if you can imagine, that means we had a lot of data to go through. Our Development Map alone had over 250,000 data points to verify. Yeah, you read that correctly. Authentic not only helped us streamline our data verification process but also introduced new fields and ways to ultimately use that data throughout our website.

We are thrilled to finally be at the point where we get to share with you all the next chapter in tracking development.

We couldn’t be more excited or more thankful for our partnership with Authentic. Our partnership will continue into the future and we can’t wait to show you what else we have planned for the website and our development map.

So, here we go. Get ready to learn, track and explore development like never before.