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Starbucks opens in Dinkytown

Starbucks has officially opened the doors to their newest Minneapolis location in Dinkytown. The store located at 425 SE 13th Avenue actually opened on Friday November 21st and is Minneapolis' 18th Starbucks location. It replaces a location that closed roughly five years ago when Doran Companies built Sydney Hall.

The interior of this Starbucks location features one of their newest prototype designs. Guests will find large uses of wood throughout the space and vintage design elements scattered about. There is a large in-wall display area for merchandise which right now holds mostly holiday drink-ware.

From the road the space does not appear to be large however the interior is actually set up quite efficiently. There is a large community table in the middle of the space with seating for 8 along with tables flanking both sides of the room. Upon first impression you you'll probably think that's all the seating you'll find...but then you go through a small opening and soon discover another room with seating for an additional 10+ people.

One notable difference when comparing this Starbucks location to others was how large the prep area was. It features an "L" shaped area with dark subway tiles covering the backsplash of the counters along with a beautiful display area for coffee products. There also is a small bar with seating at the very end of the counter. It really makes quite the impact on a guest when they enter the space.

Overall this Starbucks location turned out really great. While the space appears that is should have enough seating for any Starbucks location it has already been discovered by the mass of near by University of Minnesota students... meaning it's already difficult to find an open seat. Success is never a bad thing and Starbucks clearly has already found great success within Dinkytown.

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