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PROJECT UPDATE: Minnesota Vikings Stadium

It's time for a PROJECT UPDATE on what is currently the largest construction project in the state of Minnesota and one of the largest in the country. We're talking about the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium in Downtown Minneapolis.

We took a few pictures (basically more than your development heart could desire) of the current state of construction at the new stadium. Last week a "topping out" ceremony was held marking the completion (for the most part) of concrete work at the site.

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Above: Rendering of the concourse area. (Minnesota Vikings)

With concrete work slowing down work on the placement of steel trusses and beams is in full swing. The last pieces of HUGE steel trusses that will support much of the roof load are being put into place this week and next with the final piece being put into place next month (watch a video here). When the last of the steel trusses are put into place it will allow for work to proceed on the roof.

Now of the roof of this stadium is not a typical roof. It is unique for more than one reason. However the biggest reason (and likely the one you'll notice most) is the fact that half of it will be transparent. This was a crucial element to the design of the overall structure as originally it was hoped that the stadium would include a retractable roof.

The clear roof will allow for stadium goers to experience what will feel like the outdoors... minus the rain. We should probably point out that the "glass" (it's actually going to be made from a material called ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)) will make it the largest roof of it's kind in the world. Yes, the entire world. The ETFE material will begin to be installed this month and will be completed in November.

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Above: Rendering of the new stadium showing the translucent roof. (Minnesota Vikings)

The roof isn't the only thing that will gain the "largest in the world" title. If you look at the rendering above you'll see four pivoting glass doors. Those doors open to allow for the connection to the outdoors along with a perfect view of Downtown Minneapolis' skyline. Oh yes, they're also the largest pivoting doors in the world.

Work has been progressing at a rapid rate on the stadium. The 1.6 million square feet of space will be fully enclosed... with heat... by December. From there it will take roughly six more months to finish things up with a completion of the entire project expected about a year from now in July 2016.

Below are a number of construction pictures that are for your enjoyment. Take a moment to check them out, there's a lot.

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