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Pracna on Main to be reborn

On the night of January 6th the doors closed for what would be, unknowingly to most, the last time for yet another veteran restaurant in Minneapolis' Northeast Neighborhood; Pracna on Main.

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Dubbed as the "oldest restaurant on the oldest street" Pracna has been in operation since 1973 and currently was under the ownership of John Ramarcik who also owns the adjacent St. Anthony Main movie theater. Ramarcik also has a few other restaurants under his belt within the city including Annie's Parlour and The Kitty Cat Klub, both of which are in the nearby Dinkytown neighborhood.

The city went into a bit of a fret when Pracna simply just closed up shop with no warning. Social media accounts and their website all vanished and it seemed as if the end had arrived for Pracna without any notice. That didn't make sense though. How could such a successful place in such a successful district (not to mention a place with such repertoire) go belly up without any forewarning? The answer... It didn't.

Turns out there's actually new life planned for Pracna. The owners plan to reopen this spring with not only a newly remodeled space to show off, but also a new menu featuring barbecue, salads, and even breakfast. Patrons will also notice a larger Pracna on Main as the new restaurant space will be 6,500 square foot after a 2,000 square foot expansion into neighboring space is completed.

Another change? Restaurant goers will be able to take their drinks into the neighboring move theater. The ultimate convenience? We think so.

The new Pracna on Main, which will resemble much of the old Pracna on Main, will be managed by current owners of the neighboring Aster Cafe when it opens come Spring.

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