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Plans a mixed-use project at 200 Central Avenue SE are back in motion.

The site, located just a block down from the intersection of Central Avenue and SE 4th Street, most recently was proposed to become home to a 40-story condo tower named Alia. Earlier this fall, Minneapolis-based developer Alatus announced that the project would not move forward over concerns of a saturated condo market in the coming years.

Recently the site was sold to a new developer who plans to construct a slightly shorter mixed-use project on the site.


Chicago-based CA Ventures is planning to construct a 27-story mixed-use building that would include nearly 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, 356 market-rate apartments and 344 indoor parking spaces.

While CA Ventures may be somewhat new to developing projects in Minnesota, they’re not going about it slowly.

The company just began construction on a 21-story mixed-use project located at 240 Hennepin Avenue, just across the street from the RBC Gateway project. 240 Hennepin will include 346 market-rate apartments along with close to 21,000 square feet of retail space (learn more about that project here). CA Ventures is also in the process of planning a 10-story mixed-use building that would be constructed on five commercial sites in the heart of Dinkytown (learn more about that project here). In addition, CA Ventures will also manage HERE Minneapolis and Uncommon Dinkytown, two new residential projects near the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.


The newest proposal for 200 Central would include 4,753 square feet of retail space on the ground floor with apartments being located on levels two through five and seven through twenty-seven.

Levels two through five would each have 10 units per floor while levels seven through 25 would each include 16 units. Level 26 would feature seven penthouse units with level 27 featuring an additional five.

A number of different apartment layouts would be found within the building. Get ready because those layouts would include studio, one-bedroom small, one-bedroom junior, one-bedroom medium, two-bedroom micro, two-bedroom small, two-bedroom medium and two-bedroom large layouts. Penthouse units within the building would start at around 1,000 square feet with the largest being nearly 2,000 square feet in size.

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7,664 square feet of amenity space would be found on the ground floor of the building. Level six would be entirely amenity space which would include 12,456 square feet of indoor space and another 16,850 square feet of outdoor amenity space. 1,592 square feet of indoor amenity space and another 1,701 square feet of outdoor amenity space would be located on the 27th floor of the building.

While the exact amenities for the project have yet to be announced, plans currently show on the ground floor including a large lobby, a bike storage room, an outdoor dog run and additional undefined amenity space. The sixth-floor amenity space also has yet to be largely defined; however, we do know there will be an outdoor pool. Amenity space on level 27 would include an indoor Sky Lounge and a large outdoor terrace with views of the Downtown skyline.


200 Central is being designed by Minneapolis-based ESG Architecture & Design. ESG was also responsible for the design of Alia, the previous proposal for the site. While the new proposal still features a similar design to Alia, the biggest change many will notice will be the decrease in height.

The exterior of 200 Central would feature six level podium that would be clad in two types of mixed stone. The tower portion of the project would be clad in a significant amount of glass with accents of light, dark and wood textured metal paneling and both light and dark precast paneling.

Damon Farber is the Landscape Architecture firm working on 200 Central.


Plans for 200 Central are anticipated to go before the Heritage Planning Commission in the coming weeks and then will likely head to the Minneapolis Planning Commission Committee of the Whole for feedback. The project is anticipated to go before the Minneapolis Planning Commission for approval in Spring 2020.

More details on the exact plans for 200 Central are expected to be released soon. Be sure to check back with us here at The Development Tracker | Minneapolis to learn more about this exciting project.