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Pizza Studio picks Dinkytown for second Minnesota location

Dinkytown is about to get another pizza joint and the one it is getting is a far different concept than the Pizza Hut located just down the block. With a student population of over 50,000 within a few blocks radius during the school year, this new concept will be sure to be a hit. The concept? Pizza Studio.

Pizza Studio will open next month near the intersection of 4th Street SE and 15th Avenue. That's kiddy corner to CVS and just down the block from the well known Dinkytown McDonald's restaurant. The space that Pizza Studio will be occupying is a space that formerly housed Verizon Wireless which last year vacated the space for a new space just next door that was vacated with the closing of Peppermint Park boutique.

Above: Pizza Studio location under construction on 4th Street SE in Dinkytown.

Pizza Studio currently has 15 locations nationwide with plans for additional stores this year and next in order to bring the company to around 100 locations nationwide. The new location in Dinkytown will be the newest fast casual restaurant to open in the Dinkytown area in quite sometime. The area hasn't seen many additions to its retail market within the past year as much emphasis on retail expansion has been put into developments occurring within the Stadium Village area.

So by now you're probably wondering what exactly is Pizza Studio and what after all makes them different than other pizza restaurants. To make it easy for you just imagine the concept of Chipotle or Subway and now apply that to pizzas. That's right. It's a 100% customizable pizza fast casual concept that is perfect for the younger and older generations of our time. Their slogan "you create it, we make it" couldn't be more spot on to describe what the concept exactly is. A basic pizza costs $7.99 and while that sounds a little steep just wait until you hear what you can do with it.

Customers are able to choose from five crust options (and yes, there are vegan and whole grain options) and then are able to completely customize the sauce, cheese, and toppings included. You have five sauce choices, four cheese options, and 30 different topping choices. Oh how the endless possibilities await!

Now if you're not feeling creative, don't worry as Pizza Studio has done the hard work of creating a perfect recipe and has six "Starving Artist Originals" to choose from. There's also salads and fresh baked cookies to add to your dining experience if you feel so inclined.

Above: "Starving Artist Wall" in a Pizza Studio location.

Speaking of starving artists, each Pizza Studio location features a "Starving Artists Wall" where art is hung and sold by local artists. It's commission free meaning Pizza Studio takes nothing from the artist when their artwork is sold. Now that itself sets Pizza Studio apart from the rest and shows just how connected to the community they are. You can get more information on the artist wall here or can watch a short video on the wall here.

Pizza Studio is rapidly expanding its company across the United States. The local franchisee owner opened the first Minnesota Pizza Studio at Mall of America in January. He plans to open at least five more restaurants in the Twin Cities market and is aiming for college and trendy neighborhoods. The Dinkytown location is expected to open in October.

We'll have more information regarding the opening and hiring information within the coming month.

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