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700 Central’s long planned second phase is about to become reality.

Located near the corner of Central Avenue SE and 7th Street Southeast, the second phase will be constructed on a site directly behind the first phase of 700 Central. The first phase was completed in 2014 and includes 80 residential units and 5,400 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

Plans for the second phase include a six-story building with 71 residential units. The building will be constructed on top of an existing two-story parking garage, which was also constructed in 2014, that was originally designed with the intentions that a six-story building would eventually be built on top of it. While the two phases will be connected via an underground walkway, at grade they will look as if they are two separate buildings.

The β€œground floor” of the new building will include a mailroom, five studio units and five one-bedroom walk-up units while the upper floors will include a mix of studio and one-bedroom units. In total, there will be 35 studio and 36 one-bedroom units within the building.

Residents of the new building will have access to the shared amenities within the first phase of 700 Central that include a community room, fitness center and gallery space. The amenity space will be accessed through an underground connection through the parking garage.

178 parking spaces are currently located within the two-level parking ramp. With the construction of the new building 24 temporary surface parking spaces will be removed while two parking stalls within the ramp will also be removed to create a trash room. In total, 146 parking spaces will remain.

700 Central’s second phase was designed by Minneapolis-based Kaas Wilson Architects. The faΓ§ade of the building will be clad in brick, stone and two types of fiber cement board paneling and will also feature both recessed and standard hung balconies.

Work on 700 Central Phase II is an anticipated to begin in late 2020.