A new restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine has opened in the Walker Art Center.

Cardamom is a brand-new restaurant by Daniel del Prado and Shawn McKenzie that recently opened in a space that was previously home to Esker Grove. The new restaurant offers counter-service and table service (via a QR code) and includes ample indoor and outdoor seating.

The menu at Cardamom focuses on meats and vegetables ladened with herbs and spices and features a number of garden, snack, plate (mains), kid and dessert options. In addition, there are several cafΓ© beverages available including traditional espresso drinks, coffee, and tea options.

While Cardamom may be new, you may already recognize some of its sister restaurants. Cardamom is part of a massive, and very successful, restaurant group within Minneapolis that includes other restaurants such as Martina, Colita, Rosalia, SANJUSAN, and CafΓ© CerΓ©s, just to name a few.

Cardomom is located at 725 Vineland Place on the lower level of the Walker Art Center and is open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 9pm.