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A mixed-use project has been proposed for a triangular site where Central and Hennepin Avenues meet in Northeast Minneapolis.

Located at 420 E Hennepin Avenue, the site today is home to a surface parking lot, a two-story office building and a one-story auto repair shop. The parking lot and existing buildings would all be demolished in order to make way for a new, seven-story building.

Plans for the project include 227 apartments, 5,300 square feet of ground floor commercial space, 202 indoor parking spaces for vehicles and 240 parking stalls for bicycles.


View from Hennepin looking towards Northeast.

View from Central looking towards Downtown.

View from Central looking towards Northeast.

View from Hennepin looking towards Downtown.

Solhem Companies is the developer behind the project which was designed by Momentum Design Group. The building would feature a modern design with indoor parking and commercial space lining the Hennepin side of the building and live/work units lining the Central Avenue SE side of the building. The residential lobby would be located at the corner of Central Avenue SE and 5th Street SE.

When it comes to the construction of the project there would be two levels of underground parking and seven stories of above grade construction. The two underground levels along with the first two above ground levels of the building would be constructed using concrete with the remaining five stories being constructed with wood.

The storefront glazing that would run along lower floor of the building would be 19’ in height. That height would match the existing heights of the first floors of surrounding buildings including the building that houses Whitey’s Old Town Saloon that is located directly next door to the project. Due to the tall ceiling heights on the first floor there would be a mezzanine level that would include parking, additional commercial space, residential amenity space (including a fitness center) and the second level of the live/work units. Additional amenity space would be located on the rooftop.

The exterior of the building would be clad in fiber cement composite panel, fiber cement lap siding, precast panels and aluminum siding accents.


A considerable amount of work would go into recreating the streetscape around the project.

Along Hennepin Avenue, Solhem Companies has been working with MNDOT to introduce designated street parking. That side of the building would also feature greenspace with landscaping, a public sidewalk and small patio spaces for the commercial space. One thing to note is that this side of the building is also proposed to have an 85’ long mural/green wall that would cover the space that is indoor parking.

At the corner where Hennepin Avenue E, 5th Street SE and Central Avenue SE all come together, the developer has proposed creating a public plaza area with patio and green space. The Central Avenue SE side of the building would include private patios for the live/work units along with additional green space.

A new curb cut would provide vehicular access to the site from Central Avenue SE. An existing curb cut located along 4th Street SE that leads to an alley would also provide access. The entire alley linking the access points would be repaved as a part of the overall project.

420 Hennepin Avenue wouldn’t be the first project in the neighborhood for Solhem Companies. The company is currently putting the finishing touches on a new building just a few blocks down the road called β€œGibson.” That project is a joint venture between Solhem Companies and T.E. Miller Development and includes 159 market-rate apartments and 102 indoor parking spaces.

Plans for 420 Hennepin Avenue E will be presented to the Minneapolis Planning Commission Committee of the Whole for feedback this Thursday, July 10th at 4:30pm. Work on the project could begin as soon as this fall.

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