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Lowery Hill East project proposes housing... and Aldi?

Rendering of the project | Whittier Alliance

Groceries below your apartment. Sounds like a dream...that could come true.

A grocery store might finally be coming to the Lowry Hill East neighborhood if a developer's project gains approval from the neighborhood. What company will fill the space has yet to be named however there's a likely, well, VERY likely candidate for the space.

Plans were presented by a Minneapolis based company called Master on Tuesday evening to a neighborhood group called Whittier Alliance. The four story project would feature 76 new residential units along with ground floor retail space for unnamed grocery retailer.

So where does Aldi come in? Pretty plainly actually. Plans presented for the project showed parking allotment amounts which featured spaces for neighboring French Meadow Bakery and also Aldi. The problem at hand is the fact that there isn't an Aldi in the neighborhood...

Could it be that Aldi is the planned grocer? Odds are yes however we won't actually know the specific retailer until January 15th Don Geberding with Master told the group.

Aldi currently has 43 Minnesota locations with more planned for the state in the future. The closest Aldi to the Lyndale site is a few miles away on East Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis.

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