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Kit and Ace plans North Loop location

Retail space in the North Loop is about to get a little tighter as another luxury retailer sets up shop in the successful neighborhood. This time around it's a boutique retailer that is essentially the child of lululemon called Kit and Ace.

The new store will be located above Roe Wolfe at 113 Washington Avenue North. Kit and Ace specializes in technical cashmere and contemporary luxury womenswear, menswear, accessories, and lifestyle products. You're probably asking yourself what exactly is "technical cashmere"... don't worry, we were wondering too.

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One of the retailers Canadian locations | Kit and Ace

Technical cashmere is created through the technical attributes of traditionally high-end fabrications like cashmere. What does that exactly mean? You can wash this cashmere without it becoming damaged or "pilling" in the process. It also doesn't shrink and therefore the company prides itself on the fact that "you don't have to guess what it'll look like later". Technical Cashmere therefore is a luxury good without the luxury cleaning process

Kit and Ace has quite the role to live up to when you consider it is basically the offspring of the much loved lululemon (which currently has four Minnesota locations). It was founded by Chip Wilson's wife and son, Shannon and JJ, who desired the functionality of the athletic wear of lululemon but also the "sophistication, style, and luxury" that both craved when it come to clothing.

The solution? Kit and Ace.

The wife and son duo work together using Shannon's institutional knowledge and background in product design along with JJ's insights in fashion design and the retail world. The goal of the company is to "deliver innovative products that provide comfort and ease of use to the wearer, while still offering the style and quality of the luxury brands they love."

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The store will be designed to uniquely reflect it's local environment. Artwork will feature that of local artists, photography will showcase Minneapolis in iconic form, while the rest of the space will be adorned with custom furniture and lighting. The best part is that Kit and Ace loves the local community and will parter with local businesses and vendors for all in-store events.

Kit and Ace prides itself on celebrating the creativity and design that each city they call home has to offer. We have no doubt that Minneapolis will provide them with endless creativity, a world filled with all types of design imaginable, and a customer following like none other.

The North Loop location will be the first location between New York and San Francisco (Minneapolis even beat out Chicago) and will open on Friday, June 5th.

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