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Construction work has largely wrapped up at The Dayton’s Project and we’re excited to show you all of the progress that has been made.

Coordinating a construction tour is already challenging, then add a little thing called COVID-19 into the mix and that makes things even more challenging. We apologize for the delay in this post and we hope you enjoy seeing all of the progress that has been made on this truly stunning project.


One of the biggest areas of change since our last tour of The Dayton’s Project are the amenity spaces. On this tour we were able to see the completed spaces which have been meticulously and thoughtfully designed from the furniture layout down to the books and art pieces on the shelves.

Located on level seven of the building, the amenity spaces have just about anything and everything you could desire.

First off, there’s the Dayton’s Athletic Association. The 10,000 square foot gym is available to office users within the building and features a number of different types of gym equipment and gym spaces. The space includes a boxing ring, a private studio that can be used for cycle or yoga classes and top of the line equipment throughout the space such as a CrossFit gym and Peloton bikes. The private locker rooms within the space are large and feature a clean and contemporary design. Dayton’s Athletic Association will be run by a designated gym operator which means users will have access to trainers and fitness instructors.

The Library features a cozy and quiet space where you can work remotely from your office. The space includes multiple lounge areas, two large community tables with seating and a number of bookcases filled with many unique books. Scattered throughout the room are a collection of modern and eclectic sculptures and art pieces.

The Winter Lounge is a massive room that features its own private cocktail bar. It will also have its own bartender along with numerous lounge spaces in a number of different configurations and furniture packages. Two fireplaces are located beneath large windows and next to stairways that lead to the outdoor amenity space.

Outside you’ll find the Terrace, a rooftop that is surrounded by the tallest skyscrapers in Downtown Minneapolis. There’s plenty of space to not only work, but also to relax. Lounge spaces are spread throughout the Terrace in a number of different shapes and forms. On one side of the Terrace there is an outdoor fireplace, lounge area, high tops, dining areas and an outdoor/bar and kitchen. On the other side there is a fire-pit and additional lounge areas.


There’s almost two million square feet of office space within The Dayton’s Project. That’s a lot when you consider the 57-story IDS Center across the street contains almost the same amount of office space.

Office space is located on levels 3 through 12 within the building. Leases for the office space are now being executed with some major announcements on which companies will occupy the space expected later this year.

Within the office space two spec suites have also been built out. The spec suites are there to show prospective tenants how office space can be built out within the building. An interested company could also sign a lease to occupy one of the already built out spec suites if desired.

Last time we gave a construction update we gave you a tour of the first spec office suite, this time we are going to give you a tour of the second and newest spec suite.

The second spec office suite was designed not only to have a different vibe than the first, but also to address the potential impacts that COVID-19 might have on the way offices function in the future. Within the space you’ll find a beach/bohemian vibe and a number of features that allow social distancing to occur. One of those features are custom partitions on the desks that can be moved to allow users to sit in closer proximity to each other while also feeling safe.

Another social distancing feature is the kitchen design. Instead of a typical office kitchen where you find a bank of microwaves and multiple refrigerators stacked next to each other, here you’ll find each end of the kitchen includes a microwave and refrigerator with a large counter running between them and a sink directly in the middle. This layout will encourage social distancing and allow office users to prep their meals in their entirety without congregating.

Six more spec suites will be constructed within The Dayton’s Project in the coming months. In addition, tenants have also begun building out their office space within the project. As mentioned above, you can expect to hear more on what companies will call The Dayton’s Project home later this year.


We know everyone is anxiously awaiting to hear what will fill the nearly 250,000 square feet of retail space within The Dayton’s Project. While it’s still a bit too early at the moment to announce the names of some of the tenants, we can give you some updates on the space.

First off, there’s Dayton’s Market, a massive 45,000 square foot food hall that will be located in the basement of the building. The food hall is being curated by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern and will be home to over 45 food vendors along with a large bar that the space is centered around. Access to the food hall will be provided by a newly created atrium featuring a unique lighting art piece that when viewed from below creates the classic Dayton’s “D”.

The first floor (street level) of the building will be home to retail and dining space along with a maker’s market highlighting Minnesota brands. The historic JB Hudson space is set to be transformed into a new restaurant space and currently has interest from multiple restaurant groups.

The second floor of the building will be home to more retail space. You’ll find some local brands, a coffee shop and some other unique retail tenants.


The world is a very different place right now than what the team behind The Dayton’s Project thought it would be when the project wrapped up construction.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all aspects of retail, dining and office experiences across the world. With that being said, The Dayton’s Project has been very mindful on planning their public opening. With the space now largely finished, planning for the opening is well underway. The Dayton’s Project team is working closely with the City of Minneapolis to ensure that when the project does officially open its doors, it is done in a safe manner.

We’ll be sure to continue to monitor the progress at The Dayton’s Project as it moves closer to the official opening. When The Dayton’s Project is ready to begin announcing tenants you’ll find that information right here on The Development Tracker | Minneapolis.


Owners: 601 W Companies, Telos Group and United Properties

Architect and Designer: Gensler Minneapolis

Property Management: Transwestern

Retail Leasing: Mid-America Real Estate

Office Leasing: Transwestern

Owners Rep: Hightower Initiatives

General Contractor: Gardner Builders

Preservation Advisor: New History

Structural Engineer: MBJ

MEP / FP Engineer: MEPC

Site Team

The 601W Companies
Telos Group, LLC
United Properties
Gensler Minneapolis
Property Management
Retail Leasing
Mid-America Real Estate
Office Leasing
Owner's Representative
Hightower Initiative
General Contractor
Gardner Builders
Preservation Advisor
Structural Engineer
Meyer, Borgman & Johnson, Inc.
MEP Engineer

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