A restaurant just across the street from U.S. Bank Stadium is relocating to South Minneapolis after three years of business.

Erik the Red will open a new restaurant early next year near the intersection of E 46th Street and Hiawatha Avenue. The restaurant will be located in a brand-new retail building that will be developed by Oppidan Investment Company just adjacent to Lowa46, another project which Oppidan constructed last year. Lowa46 includes market-rate apartments, commercial space and Cub Foods first small-format location.

Moving to South Minneapolis will allow Erik the Red to debut a new and expanded menu and truly craft a one-of-a-kind experience. While many favorites like the Nordic BBQ, smoked bacon and elk brats will make their way onto the menu, there will also be a number of new items that have yet to be disclosed.

What’s next for the space that Erik the Red previously called home? The Owner of the building, Stadium Partners, is looking for another restaurant to fill that space and this time around are hoping to land a chain restaurant of some sort.

Erik the Red’s South Minneapolis location will be located at 3939 E 46th Street and is anticipated to open in fall 2020.