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A new distillery is opening in Northeast Minneapolis later this year.

Earl Giles Distillery will open on Quincy Avenue just down the block from a number of wildly successful neighbors including Able Seedhouse + Brewing, Animales BBQ, MN Nice Cream, Centro, Popul Vuh and Indeed Brewing. Quite the collection of neighbors to have, right?

Now, this distillery will be a little different than the other distilleries you might have already visited in Minneapolis. But before we get into the details of what will make it different, let us introduce you to Earls Giles.


Earl Giles was founded in 2015 by Jesse Held and Jeff Erkkila, both had previously been with Jester Concepts. The company has focused on non-alcoholic cocktail syrups, elixirs, cordials and ginger beer and supplies them to a number of bars in the area for their bar programs.

The name of the company comes from the middle names of both Jesse and Jeff. Up until the new distillery opens the whole operation of Earl Giles has been completed out of an apartment above Borough in the North Loop.

To say Earl Giles has been successful would be an understatement. Last year their first run of ginger beer was so popular when it hit the market shelves that it sold out within two months. Thatโ€™s when Jesse and Jeff knew that there was potential to do more with the business and thatโ€™s also when the idea of a distillery came to mind.

So, what exactly will the Earl Giles Distillery be like?


Shea is responsible for the design of Earl Giles Distillery. The space they will call home is located within the Kurt Building, a large historic warehouse that is currently being restored from top to bottom.

In total, Earl Giles Distillery will cover 16,000 square feet and will include a distillery along with production and packaging space. In addition, there will be a taproom with space for 165 individuals. A number of different lounge spaces will be spread throughout the distillery that include will include intimate and semi-private spaces, all of which will have clear views of the distillery and production area.

In addition to the tons of lounge space on the ground floor, there also will be a second-floor mezzanine that will be available as event space.

But get this, there will also be an indoor garden. Yes, you read that correctly. The indoor garden will be the place where the botanicals and herbs that are used for the food and drinks within the distillery are grown.

Best part of the whole distillery? Free parking. #winning


Earl Giles Distillery will be an โ€œall-in-one distillery, cocktail and dining experience.โ€ Which means if youโ€™re thinking that drinks are the only thing that youโ€™ll be able to get here, we have a surprise for you.

What will make this distillery a little different than others in Minneapolis is the fact that it will have a chef-driven kitchen that will serve wood-fired pizzas, salads, sandwiches and other small plates.

We should mention that the pizzas really will be the specialty at Earl Giles. A number of different types of pizza will be available that encompass all dietary types. The pizza will be cooked in a MASSIVE wood-fired oven that will have space to cook 30-40 pizzas at a single time.

One thing that we do want to clarify is that Earl Giles Distillery wonโ€™t include a full-service restaurant. Think of it as a cross between a distillery and a fast-casual restaurant. That means youโ€™ll order at a counter and your food will be brought to you rather than ordering with a server while seated at a table.

Doesnโ€™t this place sound like a dream come true? We think so.

Earls Giles Distillery is anticipated to open in late 2020 at 1325 Quincy St. NE and will be open from 3pm-12am, 6 days a week. Get excited because weekend brunch will also be available in the future.

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