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A Chicago developer’s plans for the future of three properties in the North Loop have been revealed.

Cedar Street Companies is planning to redevelop the Falk Building, an eight-story historic warehouse, the 300 building, a five-story historic warehouse along with a surface parking lot located at the corner of 3rd Street N and 7th Avenue N. The three-block project is significant as it captures three properties that are some of the last available warehouses and parking lots within the North Loop area.

In total, the three projects would include 351 residential units, 40,965 square feet of commercial space and 328 parking stalls.

As a part of the restoration of the two historic buildings, the facades would be completely stripped of any paint and returned to their original state. The windows would also be replaced with dark-framed, large tripartite, gridded window systems that mimic the building’s original windows.

A number of different amenity spaces are planned within the two historic warehouses that would be shared by all three properties. Plans also include a rooftop addition for both of the historic buildings with the additions being set back two structural bays from the street and one structural bay from the rear.

When it comes to the historic skyway that connects the Falk Building and the 300 Building it would remain but be somewhat reimagined. You’ll notice in the renderings that the proposed plan is to reconstruct the skyway to a certain extent with the solid metal siding giving way to a transparent glass façade.

BKV Group is the architecture firm responsible for the design of the three projects.

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Located at 608 3rd Street N, the Falk Building would have its façade restored and its interior completely renovated. When complete the building would become home to 16,328 square feet of ground floor commercial space, 258 apartments and 34 indoor parking spaces.

Two resident lobbies have been proposed, one of which is located at the rear of the building along N 7th Avenue and the other is located towards the middle of the building on N 3rd Avenue.

Amenity space within the project would be spread throughout the building. The ground floor would include a lounge, package room, mail room, leasing office, restrooms, and a large amenity space that is currently not designated. The amenity space would run directly down the middle of the building bisecting the retail spaces.

The retail space at the corner of N 7th Avenue and N 3rd Street would include 8,476 square feet of continuous space. On the other side of the building at the corner of N 3rd Street and N 6th Avenue there would be another 7,959 square feet of continuous retail space.

Levels two through eight within the building would include studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and two-bedroom plus den layouts. The building features a central courtyard that a number of the units would surround.

Level three of the building would also include access to the skyway link that would connect to the neighboring 300 building.

The rooftop level of the Falk Building would feature two rooftop decks and green space, one of which would include a large outdoor pool. The rooftop level would also have a large indoor clubroom and two restrooms.

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The next warehouse that Cedar St plans to redevelop is located directly across the street from the Falk Building at 300 6th Avenue N.

The 300 Building would also have its façade restored and its interior completely renovated. When complete the building would be home to 5,989 square feet of commercial space, 69 apartments and a significant amount of amenity space.

On the ground floor of the building there would be a resident lobby that features a mail room and package room. The ground floor would also include 5,989 square feet of retail space along North 3rd Avenue.

Here’s where things get interesting with the 300 building.

Within the plans for the building there are multiple areas designated for “members.”

According to renderings, the project would have a member entrance and multiple member spaces spread throughout the building. The ground floor member space would feature its own designated entrance that is separate from the residential unit’s entry. The entry would lead to a “game area” that is planned to include two bowling alley lanes, a bowling lounge, two golf simulator rooms and a VR room.

At the moment it is unclear if the member areas would be open to the public or if the member title is simply referring to residents within the three properties.

Level two of the building would include a massive 6,182 square foot gym, two locker rooms, and a number of residential units including studio and one-bedroom layouts. Level three of the building would feature the skyway connection to the Falk Building, a member lounge/reception area, a 4,155 square foot co-working space and studio, one-bedroom and one-bedroom plus den units. The fourth floor of the building would feature studio, one-bedroom and one-bedroom plus den layouts.

When it comes to more amenity space, the rooftop of the building would include a large clubroom, restrooms and a patio with an outdoor area that could be made into an ice rink during the colder months and a turf during the warmer months.

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Last, but certainly not least, Cedar St plans to develop a surface parking lot located at 246 7th Avenue N.

This lot is located directly behind the Loose Wiles building and to the right of Sable. Plans for the site include a four-story building that would feature 18,646 square feet of ground floor commercial space and 24 apartment units on the upper floors.

The entire building would be built surrounding a parking ramp that would have space for 291 vehicles on one underground level and four above ground levels. The ramp would provide parking for all three projects that Cedar St is developing.

On the ground floor of the new building there would be a residential lobby located along 7th Avenue N, retail space and the parking entrance which would be located along 3rd Street N.

Levels two through four would include apartments. Units would range in size featuring studio and one-bedroom layouts on level two with the upper floors being home to two-story units.

The new building would feature a modern yet historic design. The façade would be clad in simple metal panels and brick and would feature large, contemporary divided light windows that are meant to compliment the large historic windows found throughout the North Loop.

Plans for the Duffy Paper redevelopment will be presented for feedback to the Minneapolis Planning Commission Committee of the Whole this Thursday, June 18th at 4:30 pm.

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