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Costco purchases warehouse for Minneapolis location

Costco in Rochester, MN | TDT Minneapolis

Your dreams of land where all things come in bulk and insane savings are found in every aisle is finally going to become reality as Costco is finally coming to Minneapolis.

The new Minneapolis location will be located at 3311 Broadway St in what currently is a large warehouse style building that houses Immenia, a local graphics company that employs about 120 people. The 175,000 square foot building will be extensively renovated and open next year as Costco's NINTH Minnesota location.

While we are sure you couldn't be more excited for Costco to finally open in Minneapolis if you're rolling you eyes at another large retailer coming to the city, not to mention one that already has a presence in the metro, don't worry. This Costco will be a little different than the others in the state as it will fall under the company's Business Center model.


There's only a dozen in the country, so Minneapolis, consider yourself lucky.

"A warehouse unlike others and open to all Costco members" is how the company's website describes the business center model. The larger, more specified warehouses offer large selections of "high-quality food service, convenience store, and office supplies" to members.

Don't fear this new business model if you're already a Costco lover. It'll still cater to the typical crowd of customers that include just about anyone who is looking to buy in bulk, but in addition that that crowd it will also cater the businesses themselves.

One of the ways that these "Business Center" locations cater to area businesses is not only by having 70% of the products be unique to the business center model (meaning they aren't found at a typical Costco location), but by also delivering the products. You can even order product by the pallet... or TRUCKLOAD.

Costco opened it's first business center in 1992 and has been rolling the concept out across the East and West Coasts for the last 20 years . This will be the second location for the Midwest, the first being in Bedford Park, IL, but more importantly it will also be one of the largest business centers in the country.

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