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Construction on the Water Works project has made some significant progress recently.

Water Works is a 6-acre project within the Mill Ruins Park that will bring new historic, cultural, and recreational amenities to Minneapolis’ iconic riverfront.

Work on the first phase of the two-phase project began in late 2019. When fully complete in 2023, the Water Works project will represent the completion of the Minneapolis Park Board’s Mill Ruins Park, a project that has been in the works for almost 30 years. Today nearly 3 million people visit Mill Ruins Park each year and the popularity of the park continues to grow.

Here are some details on what the Water Works project will include along with construction photos of the current progress being made on the first phase.

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The “Mezzanine” phase will realign West River Parkway and will create park spaces between 1st Street S and 5th Avenue S. The historic Mill Ruins on site will be converted into a park pavilion and a restaurant.

The Mezzanine phase will include multiple plazas, a dramatic city steps area, a mezzanine lawn, a wooded slope and a rail terrace. In addition, a link will be made connecting a promenade running along West River Parkway to the existing woonerf between RiverWest and Barrel House.

The restaurant and event venue will be managed and curated by The Sioux Chef and will occupy space within the historic mill ruins structure located on the site. The two-story structure will include the park pavilion on the lower floor, the restaurant on the second floor, along with a rooftop terrace and green roof.

The restaurant will offer both a four-season dine-in experience along with take-out. In addition to managing the restaurant, The Sioux Chef will also manage programming for the Water Works Park Pavilion and grounds. Events and educational opportunities will elevate Indigenous voices as part of its larger mission to promote Native American cultures, honor plants and natural resources, and foster a vibrant Indigenous food movement.

Construction on the Mezzanine Phase began last year and is anticipated to be complete in Fall 2020. Below are some current construction photos along with renderings showing what the project will look once complete.


The second phase of the Water Works project will be the Riverside Phase. This phase will include revitalizing the space between W River Parkway and the Mississippi River. Exact plans for the Riverside Phase have yet to be made public but are expected to be later this fall as the Mezzanine Phase nears completion.

Construction on the Riverside Phase is anticipated to begin in 2021 and be complete in 2023.



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