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Barre3 will soon have a second Minnesota location, this time in the North Loop.

The new studio will be located on the ground floor of Second & Second, a mixed-use building that includes apartments, indoor parking, and retail space that is home to West Elm and Kindbody. The 1,850 square foot space Barre3 will occupy is the last remaining retail space within the building and will put the company in the heart of the most thriving part of the North Loop neighborhood.

Barre3 specializes in full-body balanced workouts combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness that will leave individuals feeling balanced in body and empowered from within. In addition, the company also offers hundreds of virtual workouts that can be enjoyed from any location through their website and app.

Barre 3 has been facilitating classes at various locations in Minneapolis throughout the last year while searching for a permanent place to call home. The new studio will include space for 24 stations, along with a common area, multiple restrooms, and a shower room. The space’s main entry will be accessed via 2nd Ave N, however a second entry will be located at the back of the space that will connect to Second & Second’s pedestrian promenade.

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The new location will be owned and operated by Nikki Hedren who discovered Barre3 in 2014 while living in Washington D.C. Nikki took her first class at the Georgetown studio and was immediately struck by the warmth of the community, the heart-pumping workout, and the infectious energy that vibrated throughout the studio. Through Barre3, she also discovered the empowering message of trusting and loving your body above all else.

From being a member, she quickly became an Instructor, then a Lead Instructor, and finally a Studio Manager. During the pandemic, Nikki and her husband decided to move home to Minneapolis, it was then that she began dreaming of bringing Barre3 to Minneapolis.

Barre3 currently has over 170 studios within the United States with many more in the works. Currently, the studios service over 68,000 studio clients a month and generate nearly $417,000 a year per each location. Additional areas within the state of Minnesota are available to franchise by visiting their website.

Barre3 location is anticipated to open at 119 2nd Avenue N in early 2023.