Hi Minneapolis! Can you believe it? It's finally here. Have you explored the development map yet?


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With one food hall under construction in the North Loop plans are already underway for another.

Pittsburgh-based Galley Group will open a new food hall at 729 Washington Avenue N on the ground floor of The Nordic. You’ve probably familiar with the ten-story commercial project as we’ve been pretty extensively covering its construction since the shovels hit the ground a little over a year ago. It’s the building that’s got that oh so perfect historic look to it.

The un-named food hall will occupy an 8,748 square foot space on the ground floor of the building fronting Washington Avenue N.

Now something we should note is that this won’t be your average food hall. Four restaurants will operate within the 200-seat space with the chefs being individuals who do not already own restaurants. In fact, you might have never even heard of them. What that also means is that you’re not going to find a spin-off of Spoon and Stable within this place. Wah wah.

What is also unique to this food hall is that the kitchens will be fully built out and furnished which will allow the chefs to focus on providing nothing else besides their good cooking. The restaurants will also rotate meaning every time you visit you might not see the same offerings as your last visit. In addition to the four restaurants there will also be a 22-seat bar and a large outdoor patio with seating for 80 facing a public plaza that will run between The Nordic and the Loose-Wiles building.

The Galley Group hopes to open their Minneapolis food hall sometime this summer. We will be sure to post an opening date on our website as soon as we hear more.