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In the design world, things are always better in threes.

Bader Development made plans public this week for two 22 story residential towers that would be located next to their current 22 story residential tower, Calhoun Towers. In addition, two 6 story residential buildings would be constructed in future phases.

The grand total of new residential units proposed? 739. Yeah, that's a lot of housing.


The project is proposed at 3430 List Place, a site that currently is home to a surface parking lot behind a large retail development that includes Whole Foods off of Excelsior Blvd in the West Calhoun neighborhood.

The original residential building, Calhoun Towers, is a 21 story building that was constructed in 1962 and is currently home to 113 residential units.

The proposed plan would be developed in four different phases with the first phase being a 22 story residential tower would be home to 242 residential units. The second phase would be a mirrored version of the first building and be home to 258 residential units.

During the third phase a 6 story building would be constructed on the northern end of the site and would include 124 units. The final phase of the project would be located on the southern end of the site and would include a 6 story residential building with 115 units.

And there you've got it, 739 new residential units.


With the building of Phase 1 and Phase 2, two amenity decks would be created on the ground floor of the project. Adjacent to the original Calhoun Towers a pocket park, courtyard, and auto court would be modified/created with phase 3 surrounding this area . The final phase of the project would include an outdoor pool.

Now, these are just the amenities that are on the site plan, what's including within the buildings has yet to be made public. But, if this is what's on the outside... we can only imagine what's on the inside.

This project went before the City of Minneapolis' Planning Commission Committee of the Whole last Thursday.

We'll be sure to provide an update on the decision and recommendations of the committee right here on our website when they are made public.