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Who might be Proctor's newest retailer?

The rumors are going around as fast as can be with this one! People seem to be dying to try to figure out exactly what retailer is causing all the fuss in Proctor? What fuss am I talking about? The 68 acres of land that Proctor is trying to annex from Midway Township. What's the problem? Not much being Proctor already owns some of the land and has a national big box retailer wanting the site. But Midway Township doesn't care for the plan too much as it obviously is taking away some of their land by force. Recently Duluth joined forces with Midway Township (not sure why we are getting into business that has nothing to do with us) in order to try to stop the annexation and ultimately not allow the retailer to build. Once again the city of Duluth is out to stop development and will try to do so even when it doesn't even lie within out city. Not that I don't love Duluth, but we really need to be more open to development, that's how a city grows and prospers.
So what are the rumored retailers that may be the one large retailer that is trying to get a hold of the site? Many people keep throwing around the names of the following retailers, so let's discuss them.

Lowe's: We most likely know it isn't due to their desire to locate directly in Duluth or Superior.

Mill's Fleet Farm: This has already been confirmed by corporate to not be true due to it's vast distance from the nearest store Mill's Fleet Farm location and their lack of desire to expand right now

Walmart: Not sure on this one, however it would not make sense with three Walmart Supercenters being within a 20 minute distance, however it is well known that Walmart has wanted to build a store in West Duluth for many years now, so there could be some possible truth in this.

Target (more so a Super Target): This one is a more recent rumor but could make sense being they only have one regular Target location in both Duluth and Superior and that they have been recently looking at building a store in Cloquet. The stalled, and possibly scrapped Re-Cor retail development in Cloquet, originally was going after Super Target to be it's anchor tenant. Thus meaning that they Target could be looking in the area for a new store, and it also has been made clear since early 2000 that they desire a Super Target in the area. Originally they were trying to build a two story Super Target in Duluth were Target currently is but were denied due to height restrictions.

Cabela's: This is the most recent one I've heard and that one that makes the most sense to me. The reason why? It's been said that the retailer that is trying to secure the site would be a retailer that would draw people to the site. Not that any of the other retailers mentioned wouldn't, but Cabela's is known to be a destination. The other reason is that it has been well known for years now that Cabela's has been trying to find a suitable site in the Northland for their next location. Originally they wanted to locate in Duluth, but Duluth of course saw the size of their store as unattractive and basically pushed them out of the city. Then they were going to locate in another site in Proctor, which fell through. Then a site in Cloquet was suppose to be the location of the new store, plus Re-Cor's development in Cloquet was chasing them to locate within it. But nothing ever came to fruition. That's why it would make sense that Cabela's be the retailer. They spur lots of retail development from their locations (which the developer said would happen if the annexation was allowed), they draw populations, they require a rather large site, and they tend to desire sites on the outskirts of cities or large populations.

We might have to wait a while to actually find out who it is, but the rumors are coming in strong, and as the days pass it seems like we are dwindling the rumors down to an almost certain retailer. What do you think?

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