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Wendy's to complete extensive remodel

We've got the details on the remodel/expansion for the Wendy's location at 1720 Miller Trunk Highway. We posted an article a few weeks back on the subject of the Wendy's expansion to the front and the back of the structure but really didn't have any details on how extensive the exterior remodel would be, or if there even would be an extensive remodel to the exterior. Well, good news folks! We're about to see a version of Wendy's newest prototype enter the Twin Ports.

While it's not as extensive as some Wendy's remodels, it will for sure give a brand new image, one that is much different than most currently associate Wendy's with. Probably the biggest thing a person will notice with the renovation is the new logo. Wendy's redesigned it's logo in 2012 to feature a little more fun and whimsical text styling, along with a new image of the iconic Wendy herself. How does that translate to the physical store design? Well, you'll also notice quite a bit more text in the new design versus that of the old prototype. And when we say text, we mean in a good way... as in artistically done. There are a lot of sayings, quotes, and just visual words placed around the interior and exterior. It's typography at it's finest.

While we don't have much details on the interior design, we do know what the exterior will look like. Expect to the mansard-esque roofs gone and replaced with modern corrugated metal. The front addition will include large windows along with a large rectangular, red metal covered wall with a prominant placing of the new logo at the top. We keep seeing this design element popping up in a few fast food chains, most recently the Burger King prototype... seems as if it's become an architectural trend. You'll also see a bit of the word text we were talking about near the drive thru window where "quality Service that doesn't cut corners is our recipe" will be displayed. Also, expect red to be fully embraced with the exterior. We're talking about a true red too, no longer anymore of this sun faded red that we've seen for the last decade.

Another positive to the remodel (besides that great (future?) patio in the front) is the fact that more foliage will be introduced to the parking lot area. That's because the remodel will now fall under the new city guidelines that 30% of the parking lot be shaded, along with the various new requirements for parking islands and MNDot's requirements for land abutting streets. Another thing you'll notice is a brighter parking lot too due to the addition of LED lighting. We're glad to see that a fast food restaurant in the area is finally taking the initiative to install LED lighting, something we wish we would see more of. On a side note, hats off to the city of Duluth for replacing quite of a bit of the downtown overhead street lighting with LEDs.

Wendy's interior and exterior renovation at it's Miller Trunk Highway will basically create a brand new location with a far more modern design that really will continue to improve not only the look of that specific corner, but the great Miller Hill Mall area too. With the addition of the Hansen Center next door and now the Wendy's remodel, things will be looking quite sharp. The only issue the area is going to have to figure out when Wendy's reopens is their parking lot which now seems to have been taken over by overflow parking from the Hansen Center... But hey! That issue can be tackled at a later date!

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