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Victoria's Secret to remodel; open freestanding Pink store

Victoria's Secret will undergo a remodel as they separate their Pink store from their full inline store. What does this mean exactly? Pink, the shop that sells all types of loungewear and lingerie, is getting it's own retail space to call home! Now, this is the opposite of what happens often in the retail world.

Current Pink store prototype design (Image NOT property of CDINDULUTH)

Victoria's Secret underwent a remodel at the Miller Hill Mall over five years ago which involved a complete store rebuild, along with the addition of the full "Pink" store concept. Pink was introduced in 2002 and has grown today to include sales of over $2 billion. We'd say that's a sign that a concept store is doing pretty well and it therefore logically makes sense that the company would look to branch off the Pink stores into their own concept stores, unattached to Victoria's Secret stores. What might be even bigger news is that the current Victoria's Secret store at the Miller Hill Mall will also receive a full remodel to bring it up to date to the company's most current prototype.

Above Images: Interior of the new prototype design (Images NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Looks pretty nice, right? By creating a freestanding Pink store, the mall will see the closure of Aerie, which is owned and operated by American Eagle (technically their version of Victoria's Secret). That store's presence will not leave the mall in it's entirety as it will consolidate it's operations within their newly remodeled American Eagle store at the Miller Hill Mall. Aerie's former space will become home to the new Pink store, while the entire Victoria's Secret store will undergo a remodel in order to take over the vacated Pink space. That means Duluthians will be seeing not only a larger, freestanding Pink store, but also a larger and brand new Victoria's Secret store.

Above Images: Interior of the new prototype design (Images NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

Those new Victoria Secret stores look pretty classy... don't they?

While the Pink store is expected to look very similar to the much smaller/attached store at the current Victoria's Secret location, the newly remodeled Victoria's Secret store is expected to look much different. Their current prototype is much heavier in its design elements. The store layout continues to feature multiple rooms, while the interior rooms are either very dark (covered almost entirely in black) or otherwise very light (covered appropriately in pink). The biggest change that customers will notice is the storefront of the new Victoria Secret store. No longer does it feature black and creme marble, but rather now it features an array of vertical pink stripes that are backlit. Yes. The ENTIRE store glows.

Exterior of the new prototype design (Image NOT the property of CDINDULUTH)

The renovations are expected to begin promptly with an opening for Pink expected by the end of the summer and the completion of the Victoria's Secret space expected to be complete by Fall.

All we have to say... Expect to see an absolutely stunning Victoria's Secret store come fall. The new prototype is truly beautiful.

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