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Updates. It's about time right?

Cherry BerryNews on the street is that Cherry Berry is still pursing it's two locations in Duluth. Right now they are in the development phase, which isn't very specific on what that exactly means. What it most likely means is that they are still scouting for the right location or that they have found the right location and are just in the process of finalizing the details. It is however 100 percent certain that they will be opening in Duluth. I've contacted their MN representative and am just waiting to hear back from him. I'll of course post the news here when I find out!

Hobby Lobby

For those of you who are little nervous about Hobby Lobby opening in Duluth, don't be. YES, they are still opening in part of the former K-Mart space, and yes it will be soon. Even though construction may not to appear as having started yet, they in fact are already hiring for manager positions! That's always a great sign! Just sit tight for a little bit, your patience will be rewarded!
Dick's Sporting Goods

A little more of an update on Dick's Sporting Goods new planned store at the Miller Hill Mall. They will begin construction in the Spring of 2013 with a projected opening of a year from then (2014). Mall officials do not believe any interior construction will start before Spring, however it would not surprise me if they starting working on the interior space after the Holiday season.

Schmidt Music

Schmidt Music will be moving soon due to the new Dick's Sport Goods development. They will stay within the mall but will now move to the space that formerly was occupied by Eternal Sun and a few other temporary tenants. Their new space will be directly across the hall from GameStop and next to MasterCuts.

St. Louis County Authority

SLCA will be moving their offices also due to the Dick's Sporting Goods development. They will move to the south side of the mall near JCPenney. The new space will be just like the old with access from the exterior, and maybe even the interior. I am assuming the space they will be taking over will probably include the current tailoring space and also the space the resides directly behind it. However I could be very wrong! The exact location has yet to be announced. Not quite sure how I feel about this one being I feel that these types of offices do not belong within a mall. But at least space will continued to be filled and the vacancy rate will continue to be lowered!

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