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Dermatology Clinic opening on Woodland Avenue

"So what's that building going up on Woodland Avenue near all the apartments?" That's a question we've been hearing quite a bit recently and today we have an answer for you.

Those seeking the advice of a qualified dermatology provider or those simply in need of a little skin care will have a whole new option come Spring when Twin Ports Dermatology officially opens their doors on Woodland Avenue in Duluth.

Heather and Anthony Smith of Rosemount, Minnesota are behind what will be the first independent dermatology clinic within the city of Duluth. Before Twin Ports Dermatology if someone was in need of skin care or the knowledge of a trained dermatologist their only option really was to visit Essentia Health or St. Luke's or head down to the cities. In fact, the amount of people heading down to the Twin Cities for dermatological care is what caused Heather to think something odd was going on.

While there clearly was nothing wrong with the advice of a doctor in a hospital setting what was wrong was the six to NINE month wait it took in order to see that doctor. Finding that out is when Heather decided it was time for a change.

The story behind how Heather found out about the demand for a dermatology clinic is truly inspiring.

Construction of Twin Ports Dermatology takes shape on Woodland Avenue. (Image provided by Twin Ports Dermatology)

Heather, a graduate from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Sciences in Health and Wellness along with a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Iowa Des Moines, is no stranger to the dermatological industry. Most recently she has been working for a dermatologist clinic in the Twin Cities area. That was when she heard that her husband Anthony's mother was having a hard time getting into a hospital in Duluth to have a worrisome mole looked at.

Heather obviously working in the industry decided to look at it herself only to discover that it was Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. If Anthony's mother had waited much longer, the outcome could have been much worse. That moment is when Heather and Anthony decided things needed to change.

The idea for Twin Ports Dermatology is to offer accessible, quality dermatological care, which will in turn reduce the mortality and morbidity of skin cancer in the Northland. "We aren’t going to fix the problem, but we definitely can improve it" Heather explained to us. The goal of the clinic is to fill a void and help the community along with provide quality care for the swelling demand for skin care within the Northland.

Construction of Twin Ports Dermatology takes shape on Woodland Avenue.(Image provided by Twin Ports Dermatology)

Twin Ports Dermatology will offer a wide variety of services such as treatment for eczema, dry skin, sun damage, acne, hair loss, rashes, rosacea, warts and more along with surgical services for things such as biopsies, atypical mole removal, benign skin lesion removals, and skin cancer excisions.

But wait, there's more. In addition to all these quality services that will be offered at Twin Ports Dermatology there also will be cosmetic enhancement services available too including BOTOX, facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, skin tightening, waxing, and more. Literally it's going to be a one stop skincare shop.

Heather and Anthony hope to open the doors to Twin Ports Dermatology this spring and when they do one thing will be for sure... Duluth will be receiving a quality dermatology clinic that will help this city address a serious problem at hand.

From us here at CDINDULUTH, good luck Twin Ports Dermatology as you prepare in the coming months for your opening! We have no doubt you'll have great success!

The Project

Developed by Edmunds Smith Partnership, the project itself was designed Brian Morse of TKDA. The 6,600 square foot structure features two 3,300 square foot floors. The first floor will be the medical dermatology clinic featuring six exam rooms while the second floor will house medical space geared towards cosmetic enhancements and surgeries along with additional office space.

Working with TKDA for the exterior clearly shows through in the design as we think it's beautiful. Heather and Anthony have also been working with an interior designer in order to make sure that the exterior and interior designs flow together was one. Overall the project has a "clean cut, modern edge to its design scheme" Heather explained to us. It'll definitely be visually appealing but not too modern.

Twin Ports Dermatology hopes to officially open their doors this April. For more information regarding the business you can visit their website here or like their Facebook page here.


If you're interested in working at Twin Ports Dermatology there's good news for you as they are looking to hire Dermatologists, Dermatology NPs and PAs, RNs, LPNs, CMAs, Estheticians, and laser technicians. Now come on, you've got to fit into atleast one of those positions! If you're interested send your resume to Christie at christie@twinportsderm.com

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