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Today we mourn the loss of our beloved planned Cherry Berry locations.

Cherry Berry lovers out there listen up! We have some rather unfortunate news for you. We've continued to search and search for the past few months trying to find everything we could on the two planned Cherry Berry locations for Duluth, but was having difficulty finding really at all pertaining to Cherry Berry's expansion to Duluth and there might be a good reason for that. After hounding corporate a few times, out of love for the bloggers of course, we finally were able to scrounge up some information regarding Cherry Berry's Duluth expansion.

While the company has successfully opened 23 Minnesota locations in the past year with five more on the way, the two planned locations for Duluth have fallen through. The reason? The deal they had for a particular space fell through and the other planned location never got off the ground.That doesn't mean they have given up hope on Duluth, oh no, not at all. Fro yo lovers rejoice, as they are continuing to work on the effort to bring the Cherry Berry brand to Duluth! We'll keep you all updated with whatever information we can find in the future. For now though, you might have to resort to making your own fro-yo... unless you want to become a designated Cherry Berry franchisee and open shop in Duluth and save us all the trouble. Just a thought.

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