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Things are getting a little slow....So here are some updates!

Seems like it's been forever since I have posted anything... because... well... IT HAS! Things seemed to have really slowed down lately with things going on in Duluth referring to retail development. A few things I noticed this past weekend while I was running around town follow.
Grizzlys Wood Fired Grill will open it's Canal Park location in the former space of Hell's Burgers on May 21st. The new Canal Park Brewing Company's building shell is almost completed. They have switched their opening date from around Grandma's Marathon to late July 2012. Looks like they are still going to be quite the place to visit though! Keep up with their Facebook page to find out more information (

Up by the mall things are relatively slow right now. K-Mart and Blockbuster have completed closing their stores, no word on what will fill their spaces. The Volkswagen Dealership opened last Thursday to a large crowd. Within the first day 20 vehicles were sold and over 300 people came through. Not too bad for a quite opening.

Last but not least, construction is going strong on the new CVS out on Grand Avenue and I wouldn't be surprised if a shell started going up in a week or two. They work extremely fast on these stores. Same should be said for the new Walgreen's store on the corner of Kenwood Avenue and Arrowhead Road. That store's exterior is almost complete with work on the interior going strong.

Well... that's the best I can do for updates right now! Post a topic or idea you might be interested in knowing more about and I'll do my best to put together any and every piece of information I can for you!

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