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The first blog of 2013 should be about... well... 2012 of course!

We've entered a new year, one in which we hope Duluth will see large amounts of development in key areas of the city. Exciting projects happening this year include the developments of two new micro-breweries, the ongoing renovation of Duluth's historic NorShor theater, construction beginning at the Miller Hill Mall for the new Dick's Sporting Goods store, and many more! But with all this good news we also thought we needed a moment to thank ALL of you for following this blog. It means quite a bit to see that not only others in the area have the same passion and desire for growth, but that you guys also care so much as to keep checking back on the blog and sharing the news of the blog.
Since cdinduluth's February 25th creation, 2012 proved to be an extremely successful year for the the blog. Just how successful you might ask? Well, the blog received over 22,000 views in total in the mere 11 months since it's creation. That's about 1/4 of the population of the entire city of Duluth. Well done fellow followers, well done!

What is even more shocking to us, is the fact that the blog had such a wide viewing area. Ten countries would be an absurd amount for the blog to be viewed in in our opinion. cdinduluth continued to surprise us. Just how many countries was it viewed in? 84. Yes, you read correctly, EIGHTY FOUR countries! Keep in mind that the world only has 196 countries total... meaning that cdinduluth has been viewed once in over 42% of the world's countries. We truly are shocked.

And finally a little bit more about our end of things. We posted 102 posts the past year and uploaded over 238 pictures. That's a good amount for a brand new blog we think. We hope though in 2013 to out due ourselves significantly from 2012. We are working hard on new stories and working even harder to be the first source people visit when it comes to retail development news in the Duluth area!

So once again, we would like to thank every single one of your from the bottom of our development crazed hearts for such a successful year. Here's to a prosperous 2013 year.


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