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Those looking for balloons in a city that is essentially balloon-less no longer have to worry as The Duluth Balloon Company is here.

If you're search for balloons of any occasion, whether that be a birthday, a wedding, or a surprise party for your friend's cat who's turning two, they've got a balloon that'll be a perfect fit.

While The Duluth Balloon Company has officially opened up for business you won't find them located in a physical storefront like you'd expect, rather they've taken the 21st century approach to business by going online.


A division of Northland Special Events, The Duluth Balloon Company grew out of Mariah McKenchnie and her family's love for special events and of course balloons!

While you can't visit a physical store, The Duluth Balloon Company provides all the balloons you could possible desire all online. Even better they deliver your order straight to your door. That means the hassle of fitting 24 balloons into your Smart car is no more. Those balloons that managed to get away and float into the atmosphere in the past? They're now just a distant nightmare.

Online in their store you'll find every balloon your heart could desire and all at competitive prices. It's an easy way for customers to shop online... while still shopping local. A.K.A. A Win Win.


Back in 1995 Mariah's parents opened Paper Warehouse, Duluth's go to party supply store.

Years later the store located at the Stone Ridge Shopping Center grew and became part of the Party America chain. Mariah joined the family business in 2009 and opened Northland Special Events in 2010, as a separate business focused exclusively on planning events. In 2015, Mariah moved the party store to 5009 Matterhorn Drive and changed it's name to; Northland Party.

Sadly due to fierce competition from local retailers such as Target and Walmart along with the ever changing and growing online marketplace Mariah was forced to shutter the business this past fall, ending the 21 year legacy of her family's business. With the closure Duluth was left without a party supply store, and more importantly, helium balloons.

Or so people thought.

Good things come in the most unexpected ways sometimes. In Mariah's case the closure of Northland Party allowed her to move away from a brick and mortar store and to focus on something new, Northland Special Events, with the expansion into balloons and e-commerce.

Northland Special Events provides event planning, design, decor and more to Duluth and the surrounding region. However even with the special events business Mariah knew that the everyday market was still being underserved and that's where The Duluth Balloon Company comes into play.

As a division of Northland Special Events, The Duluth Balloon Company will be able to ensure that there's a place for the everyday market that's looking for helium balloons of all types. It's safe to say that Mariah has you covered for every and any party you could possible imagine of hosting.

You can visit The Duluth Balloon Company's website here.

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