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So what's the plan for the rest of the Texas Roadhouse development?

It's great that finally the site that sat empty for so many years across from the Home Depot is finally filled, well, at least partially. The site known as "Duluth Hill" gained its first tenant in 2009 with the opening of Texas Roadhouse, but that was not/is not the only thing planned for the site. The development originally was to include two restaurants and also a strip center featuring a larger big box retailer, and some smaller retail. Plans for the site now are for there to be a strip center to the left of Texas Roadhouse (8,000 sqf +), plus across the parking lot a big box retailer (26,000 sqf +), and another smaller retail strip center (6,000 sqf +) that will be attached to the big box retailer. So what is next for the development? Well, it appears that Welsh Co (the company advertising the site), is taking the "if you have the site they will come" approach to selling parcels in the site. Originally they were set to build all the buildings at once, but that seemed to be scrapped once the economy crashed. The plans now very well could have changed, but it is rumored that there are plans finalizing for the big box retailer space to be filled (many think it will be a HomeGoods store). I'm working on details for the site and will be sure to post as soon as possible!

Plus, anyone remember when Olive Garden was built? Apparently there were plans for an additional restaurant to be built in the Home Depot parking lot. Those plans may be coming back into action again with the rumor of a IHOP opening. I'm also checking into that!

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