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So what's happening to the old Ground Site? Duluth's newest retail center

Look for the "Hansen Center" to open up in 2013 if all goes as planning regarding zoning and purchasing processes.The center is being both designed and constructed by DJR and would be Duluth's largest new retail development since the Denfeld Center. So what all is included? The Ground Round restaurant will be demolished and in it's place three retail buildings will be constructed. A rather long one that will abut right up to the back of the current Verizon Wireless space and feature two retailers, and two others that are pushed to the back of the site (one featuring a drive through). The site will feature almost 20,000 square feet of retail space and the tenants that will be locating in the site are listed below. The tenant list always can change however. The buildings have a very modern look to them, something that will be a nice change for Duluth. The larger retail building even has a glass wall the curves to the frontage road in front. Below I have attached some the Duluth planning commission file in which you can go into and look at the renderings and site plans for the development. Looks like it is going to be a great development!
The development will include the following retailers:

The Vitamin Shoppe



Mattress Firm

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