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Smell that BBQ in the air??? Well... you will soon.

That's right, another BBQ joint is about to enter the Duluth market. After all your hard work on achieving our goal of reaching 200 likes on our facebook, we thought you deserved the first hand news on this one. Thanks to our awesome followers and their amazing connections, we were tipped off that a fast expanding BBQ joint has secured a lease in the Duluth area for the irfirst restaurant in Northern Minnesota. Any guesses yet? This isn't the first time they've made the news here.
That's right. It's official BBQ lovers. Dickey's Barbecue has secured a lease for a new restaurant to open at 4960 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown. This is where it get's confusing. That locations pin points this restaurant right next to the new Bullyan RV retail center... where there currently is absolutely no retail building. Do not fear! One will be coming soon!

Steve Paulson of Platinum Properties will be constructing two retail buildings, totaling 17,500 square feet of retail space at the corner U.S. 53 and Sugar Maple Drive. The sites developers are actually the same ones who developed Hermantown Square (the retail center just a few blocks down the road). They actually have been working with a national fitness chain called Crossfit to locate in a portion of the retail space while they are still searching for other retail and restaurants components to fulfill the rest of the space (Cherryberry??).

Dickey's BBQ is the second tenant for the space and has yet to be officially announced. Company officials confirmed last week that a lease has been secured at this location and that they hope to open before the first of the year. Sugar Maple Crossing is planned to be finished by fall.

Just in case you don't remember the ordeal that happened with Dickey's BBQ last year... we'll refresh you. News broke over a year ago that Dickey's was planning to enter the Duluth market. A franchisee had been secured and a space was even said to be under contract in the Canal Park area. Now, when Dickey's comes to a market they tend to like to open multiple shops up in the course of a few years. All that we know is that there were plans for multiple Duluth locations, at least one Superior location, and also a Hermantown location. According to different sources, complications with the franchisee and also complications with the lease agreements caused these plans to be put on hold. We've got our fingers crossed on the planned Hermantown location. With a lease under contract, we don't foresee an issues or complications in this opening.

More news on what tenants will accompany Dickey's BBQ in Sugar Maple Crossing will be posted as they become available.

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