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Qdoba To Open In July

Well... apparently in July the clouds that separate the burrito heavens from earth will split open and rain thousands upon thousands of delicious burritos onto the city of Duluth. We know it's quite the picture to image... so we'll give you a moment to do so.

Why will that happen? Well... TWO burrito joints will be opening in the city of Duluth that month... and we've got the official opening date for one of them...Duluth's first Qdoba location!

Recently we've been talking with Andrew Hallfrisch, a representative of Qdoba's corporate team, about the Qdoba location that is set to open at 1020 Woodland Avenue at the Shops at Bluestone this coming summer. Now, if you remember this past fall, things got pretty crazy when Duluth found out it was getting not only a Chipotle, but ALSO a Qdoba location. It was as if all those years of extreme hunger pains were finally being soothed... but then people began to think to themselves... "really... two burrito places? They're essentially the same!"

Oh no. Oh.. no... you're very wrong. Qdoba takes a whole different spin on things... an utterly delicious spin that is...

Qdoba's new location will also feature patio dining space.

Here's the difference.

Chipotle = Mexican style burritos

Qdoba = Southwestern style burritos.

Southerwestern style burritos? What in the world does that mean? Well the biggest thing that Qdoba offers.... is their QUESO. Three different types now to be exact! People often think to themselves... "it's just queso..." Let's take a moment to imagine a burrito with delicious cheese in side. Now let's take a moment to realize that we don't have to take a moment to wonder what that would be like because it in fact exists... AT QDOBA! Their rice is a little different too and their locations also offer gumbo, pick two options, and a multitude of quesadilla types. Not to mention they have Coca-Cola Freestyle soda machines (like Noodles & Company) and they have amazing desserts (literally their chocolate chip cookies are to die for).

So, if you've been to the soon to be Qdoba location recently (probably for some delicious fro-yo at Chilly Billy's or a cup of coffee at Starbuck's) you've probably noticed if you've looked in the windows (we have of course) that things look a little empty and barren. Hallfrisch tells us that construction is tentatively set to begin later this month around April 21st. The goal date to open? July 21st, 2014.

Current state of the new Qdoba location.

Now, here's another reason to be excited about Qdoba not only coming to Duluth, but also this specific location. Hallfrisch tells us that the Shops at Bluestone location will not only be the company's first restaurant in northern Minnesota, be he also says that the restaurant will be "a first-of-its-kind design, and [he] knows Duluth will love it!" He said he couldn't divulge much of the details on how the design will be different from other prototypes because he wants the details to remain a "surprise." He did however say that the new design works on tying in elements from the surrounding community to give the place a more '"local" feel. This should be quite the Qdoba location, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that we are already dying with anticipation.

As mentioned before, the new location is tentatively set to open July 21st, 2014. Now notice that that is being said with the word "tentatively" being stressed as we all know that construction woes can come up delaying the opening. So in order words, don't get aggressive towards cdinduluth if there is a delay, we want Qdoba burritos just as badly as you do!

The new location in Duluth will provide 30 new jobs... jobs that we know are just waiting for the perfect Duluthian to fill! If you're interested in working at Qdoba and at one of the first Qdoba restaurants of it's kind (you'd kind of be a trend setter), then have no fear... because the details are here!

Right now they are looking for an assistant manager and team leads. Once the opening gets a little closer (and believe us, now that it's spring... time will fly by!) they will begin looking for team members for the location also. One thing to know about Qdoba... the company benefits and their competitive wages are second to none! And let's be honest... who doesn't want a discount on a delicious burrito?

For more information on Qdoba or to apply for a position, visit or give them a call at 1.855.QDOBA.JOBS.

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