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PROJECT REVIEW: Kwik Trip Hermantown

Kwik Trip opened their first Hermantown location last week marking the official entry for the company into the Minnesota side of the Twin Ports.

We specifically point out that this is the first location for the city of Hermantown because Kwik Trip already has plans for another location just down the road in an outlot in front of Menards. We're talking a mere mile away.

Kwik Trip has good reason for being so quick to add another location though as it's on the other side of the road. While that doesn't seem like a big enough difference to justify an investment of another million dollars into a location... it really in fact is. Customers often access the gas station that is most convenient for them meaning if they're traveling south they'll chose a station in their direction of travel instead of crossing the road. Kwik Trip hopes to capture both directions of traffic whether they be heading to Duluth or up to the Iron Range

Our Review

The new Kwik Trip location at 4978 Miller Trunk Highway is not only a typical gas station but it is also a truck fueling station meaning it is a little larger and features a fuel station strictly for larger trucks such as semis and also a weighing system for truck loads. The new station sits on a HUGE lot... as in huge. There is for sure room for growth if it ever was decided to add a car wash to this station or even to market two potential outlots for additional development.

The interior of the station store is literally filled with everything you could possibly want while on the road. To be honest we were quite surprised as we have never seen a Kwik Trip like this before. As mentioned in our previous posts, Kwik Trip is not a typical gas station as they are known for their baked goods and uncomparable prices on everyday food items like eggs and milk. With some many good deals you'll probably notice the first big difference; this gas station has shopping carts.

The range of beverages you can get at this location is unfathomable. There literally is an entire section devoted to coffee with probably at least eight different coffee machines alone. There the typical soda stations, candy aisles, and hot dogs stands, etc found at many gas stations. But then there is the meat case, the fresh fruit display cooler, the baked goods aisle, the milk section, and even more that start to make you realize this isn't just any gas station... this a Kwik Trip.

It may be the fact that this is one of the first Kwik Trips in the area (all three are now open in Superior) or it might just be the convenient location but this Kwik Trip literally was bursting with people. All the fuel stations were full and there literally was a parking lot worth of cars surrounding the building. The area knows Kwik Trip is open for business and people are eager to step foot in the door.

We snapped a few photos of the finished project to show you just how great of a project this turned out to be. Welcome to the area Kwik Trip.

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