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PROJECT REVIEW: Chilly Billy's Frozen Yogurt

So we get it... it snowed this past week... and more snow is expected to come. It's now April and there's literally feet of snow outside... but what are we suppose to do? Not eat frozen yogurt just because it's cold? NO! We're Minnesotans. We've learned to make the cold and snow a part of our everyday life for six months out of the year! So what's that difference if we're just a little bit chiller with some delicious Chilly Billy's?

We finally made it out to Chilly Billy's to check out their brand new Duluth location, and boy oh boy was it great! We'd been to their location near the University of Minnesota in the historic Dinkytown neighborhood, so we knew a little of what to expect. And yes, we expected lots and lots of that frozen goodness like that offered at their original location.

The Duluth location just shows how Chilly Billy's has gotten better with age. It's flawless in our opinion. It follows the similar floor plan of their Dinkytown location and evokes a similar environment. You walk in the door and then... BAM... no questions asked...there it is! All the frozen yogurt flavors your heart could desire. Now remember, these machines are nice because each offers two flavors... but wait... what's up with the three spouts? Well, that middle spout combines the goodness of flavor one and flavor two into one single swirl of mind blowingly delicious yogurt. Yeah, we have had our go at a Chilly Billy's location before. Now you're probably thinking to yourself... "Cheesecake... swirled with Peanut Butter? I'll stay away from that third spout." No, no, NO! They're master artisans in mixing the flavors, so you'll always have a delicious mix. No questions asked. Just swirl it without a doubt!

From the yogurt, you move on to the toppings. Two words. OPTIONS. GALORE. Everything and anything that that mind of yours can conceive... IT'S THERE! Things you didn't even think your mind can conceive... ARE THERE! It's insane! However, this is the point in your Chilly Billy's blissful experience where you can (and everytime we do) get yourself into a little bit of trouble. Toppings = Weight. Toppings + Frozen Yogurt = LOTS OF WEIGHT. So remember from the start, you pay by the WEIGHT of your ending concoction. So, this is the lesson we are trying to teach you... decide smartly on what you decide to pick for that perfect frozen yogurt creation... because you'll end up paying for it... every ounce of it.

So what about the design of the place... I mean... isn't that what this site is about? Chilly Billy's did a great job with this location. If you know a thing or two about Chilly Billy's, then you'll know their all about pops of color! Duluth's location features their signature orange entry wall and lots of white walls covering the rest of the space. There's of course the iconic, over sized, up close and personal, pictures of fruit covering the walls and the space features brightly colored plastic chairs with a mix of low and hightop seating. There's also an area with leather couches and chairs for those college students that just need to lounge after a hard day of classes.

So what should you take away from this? Chilly Billys is a great place for ending a warm, or extremely cold night, with a sweet treat... because let's be honest... when it comes to delicious frozen yogurt...THE WEATHER DOESN'T MATTER! We suggest (if we could force you... we would) that you take a visit to Duluth's FIRST frozen yogurt shop and check out Chilly Billy's new location at 1010 Woodland Avenue. They're open from 11am to 11pm Monday-Saturday, and until 10pm on Sunday nights.

Bring your kids. Bring your mom. Bring your grandma and grandpa! Hey, even bring Fido (although he'll probably have to wait outside) and enjoy Chilly Billy's... because it's totally worth every ounce of frozen goodness.

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