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North Shore Bank of Commerce to rebuild Woodland Branch

It appears to be the season for rebuilding and renovating banks! With the news recently that MCCU officially has started construction on their new Miller Hill branch, we find news of another bank looking to spruce things up... drastically. North Shore Bank of Commerce is hoping to begin construction soon on rebuilding their Woodland branch off Calvary Road. This isn't a simple renovation. No, this is an entire rebuild. Something that is going to be pretty impressive by constructions end.

The new 1,330 square foot branch will not be that much larger than the current branch building on site (30 feet to be exact). What this new building will do however is make better use of the site, while also giving the bank a much needed update to the Woodland branch image.

The new building design features large expansion windows, brick facade and metal accents. If everything goes according to planning with the city of Duluth Planning Commission construction could begin within the next month.

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