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New plus sized women's clothing store to open at the Miller Hill Mall

The Miller Hill Mall is about to gain another new retailer this summer with the welcoming of the store "Torrid." The mall really seems to like to continue with their effort of adding women's clothing stores, but at least this store will be a little different than the stores they have been adding lately. Torrid, which was founded in 2001 and currently has a little over 170 stores, is a women's clothing store that caters to plus sized women. The brand is owned and operated by Hot Topic (which also has a store at the Miller Hill Mall that actually just debuted it's new prototype last year). Torrid's stores are a mix of 50% private label brands and 50% exterior brands and carry a wide variety of products for the fashion obsessed woman. They carry basically everything under the sun for women including accessories, shoes, jewelry, apparel, gifts, and beauty products (very similar to a Forever XXI or a Charlotte Russe store). What Torrid prides itself on is it's close attention to keeping up with the latest fashions by having direct communication with it's customers, employees, and corporate personnel to keep up with the current and upcoming fashions. The most interesting thing about this new opening is that it will be only other store in the state of Minnesota besides their location at the Mall of America. That's great news! Where exactly will the store be locating in the mall, that's really up in the air right now. I myself could see it locating in the final space of the Walgreen's re-development as their stores tend to range anywhere from 1,500 square feet to 3,000 square feet, or possibly next to Finish Line where their currently is a temp store. Hopefully the store will feature their new modern and sleek prototype as their other stores tend to have a very dark and dated look. Plan for the store to open sometime late this summer.

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