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New high rise planned for downtown Duluth

And when we say high rise keep in mind that it's Duluth still.

The AtWater Group in Duluth announced plans today to raze the former KDLH building and construct a new 15 story office building. The building would cost some where around $80 million dollars with $20 million hopefully coming from state grants. The main tenant for the building has yet to be announced but will be in a few weeks. The building seems to have a somewhat modern glass exterior and stucco exterior with a pitched roof. It will fit in very well with the downtown style I feel, but one must remember too that renderings don't always depict the final product! The building will feature 300,000 square feet of space and will be Duluth's largest development of it's type downtown. The building also will feature retail stores on Superior Street called "The Shops at Fifth Avenue." If the $20 million in public financing is secured, demolition of the KDLH building will begin this fall while construction of the building will start in the spring and finish in 2015. Look for 300 jobs to be added during the construction phase. This will be Duluth's potentially tallest building since the Alworth building was constructed over 100 years ago in 1910.

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