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New DTA multi-modal station to also include some retail

For those of who you are unaware of the DTAs (Duluth Transit Authority) conquest to build a new multi-modal transit center in Duluth, I'm here to alert you! For the past five or six years the DTA has been exploring the idea of relocating it's current transit center on Superior Street to a new space downtown. The new space would be far larger than their current downtown station with space for onsite parking, multiple bus loading, unloading, and waiting zones, and additional room for inter-city lines, such as Jefferson Lines, Oh yes, and also drive through Wells Fargo banking services. You can refer to the image below that details all things to be included in the new station/development. With the construction of this new center the DTA also will rebuild the Northwest Passage (the skywalk connection between downtown and the DECC). Currently the DTA is exploring the option of including retail with the new passage. It would be quite interesting to see what retailers would locate in the new passage, however there would be a constant population right by their location in the new DTA multi-modal center. By creating this new station downtown, it also has the potential to create a retail development spur as this site will also be very close to the site where the proposed Northern Lights Express station would be. There is event talk of possibly moving the station of the Depot site down to the new DTA multi-modal center, however if this was to be done significant upgrades would need to be made.
The new DTA multi-modal center has applied for the additional $6,000,000 in state funding they need. The total cost of the project will be around $26,000,000 ($16,000,000 has already been funded through a federal grant and $4,000,000 would come from local funding). For more information about the new multi-modal center check out the link below to be directed to the brochure on the new center.

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