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Need your fix of sports gear? Coming right up!

For all you sports lovers out there, whether you like to play them or watch them, your ultimate destination is coming to Duluth soon! Dick's Sporting Goods plans to open a Duluth location hopefully within the next year. Where? When? Who? Well I can answer one of those, as for the rest, Dick's Sporting Goods likes to keep close wraps on it's new store developments. All that can be confirmed at this moment from the headquarters is that, yes, a location is in fact coming to Duluth.

Not familiar with the brand? Dick's Sporting Goods sells anything a sporting fanatic could need. Whether that pertains to sports such as basketball or football, or the types of sports that northern Minnesotans tend to love such as fishing and hunting, they've got it all! Their stores tend to range in the 35,000-40,000 square foot range and are usually found next to other large big box stores. So where in Duluth could one possibly be going? The only logical guess is in a new development somewhere. Dick's has strict design rules and only buildings locations that can follow those rules and so far very few sites in Duluth can actually follow those rules. Their location may end up not in Duluth actually but somewhere quite close... Maybe in the new development next to Sam's Club?

Look for more news on this exciting retailer soon!

(Typical Dick's Sporting Goods Exterior)

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