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Miller Hill Mall food court loses two, well actually three, tenants

The Miller Hill Mall food court has lost three tenants in the past month. The DQ and Orange Julius (which was housed in one spot, but acted as two separate stores) closed last month, while the Soup Shoppe also closed about two weeks ago. That leaves two vacant spaces now in the food court, both are prime locations for new food court tenants.
Not sure how of you remember this, but the DQ/Orange Julius store has actually been in and out of the mall in the same space for a decade now. They originally were the tenant that opened in the space when it was first available, then closed and were replaced by an arcade, and then re-opened. It is said that this time around they closed due to a rent increase. It may also have to do with DQ making it a requirement by years end for all locations to serve Orange Julius products.

As far as what happened to the Soup Shoppe... I'm not quite sure. I am assuming it was due to low business and the fact that rent most likely increased for their space also.

No word on what tenants might location in the two locations, but mall officials have said that they are trying to lure another ice cream tenant in. I will be sure to let you know if I find anything out.

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