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McDonald's opens in Moose Lake

This is probably the furthest we've reported away from the Twin Ports but hey, who doesn't enjoy a little McDonald's on the way to and from the Twin Cities.

We stopped by to check out McDonald's newest location at 500 Park Place Drive in Moose Lake which opened on October 16th. This is the first McDonald's location for the city of Moose Lake, a place that has arguably deserved one for quite sometime. If you can't exactly pin point the location we've included a map above.

The Moose Lake location features the newest design prototype for the company which is why we stopped by. The interior features a palette of modern colors with tons of very well designed graphics (there's even a Minnesota graphic right when you enter the door). Throughout the space you'll find modern light fixtures, woods, metals, and brightly colored graphics that pull your eyes to the walls.

As far as the size of the physical structure it is on the smaller end of things which makes sense for the size of the surrounding area population. The exterior features a two line drive through and the signature "eyebrow" design on the front of the building which is clad in stone and brick.

We've included some pictures in a gallery below to give you some visual representations of just what we are talking about.

Overall it turned out to be a great project. We won't object to another place to grab a burger on the way down to the cities and while some will complain it is another chain one must realize that it really is one of the better chains to have enter a city as McDonald's is able to draw development. Moose Lake has created an almost commercial business park surrounding the site and has built infrastructure to promote future development even including decorative lampposts as a classy touch. Well done Moose Lake.

Now we want a burger.

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