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Maybe Duluth will only have one barbecue chain after all?

Do you remember when it was stated a few months back that Dickey's Barbecue had secured a franchisee in Duluth and would be opening a location hopefully within the next year. Well... plans may have fallen apart some sources are reporting. The popular fast casual barbecue restaurant opened it's first location back in Texas in 1941 with the goal to "Serve the best tastin' barbecue imaginable, just the way people like it. And don't make 'em wait too long to get it." The key to the restaurant's success is that each night the restaurant slow cooks its meats in a pit, which basically is the reason people keep coming back for more! Their menu features a wide array of southern dishes from pulled pork, brisket, and polish sausage, to fried beans, cole-slaw, and french fries!

The company currently is going through a rapid growth expansion. Their first Minnesota location opened up in Maple Grove, MN and now their presence has grown to include over 12 locations. Duluth's location was first announced back in October of 2011 and hopes were that a store would be open by the end of 2011 or early 2012. The exact location was unknown, but the franchisee was hoping to find a location that previously was a restaurant or retail and stated that the Superior Street and Downtown area, along with Canal Park, were all very valid options. Since then it appears that a suitable location has not be found and according to a few local commercial real estate agents, the deal may have fallen through. Dickey's has been contacted to get a final word, and once that word is given, you'll be able to find it right here!

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